Benefits of having a Website

What are the benefits of having a website? A stunning website is essential for any business in the modern era looking to attract new customers and keep existing customers updated. Having a website allows you to publish your latest news, product offerings and services.

People use the Internet to find information for just about anything these days. If your business is not online, you are almost certainly going to be missing out on customers, new and existing.

On average, customers will take just a few seconds to decide whether to continue looking at a website based upon the appearance of a homepage or a landing page. Make sure you have an awesome website to stand out from the crowd to attract those new customers.

web design by SO, based in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, will create a website that highlights your branding, gives your business a voice and a platform to grow and engage.

A website not only gives you a digital presence, it also gives you the chance to get ahead of your competitors in search results on Google and Bing.

Here are our top 5 benefits of having a website:

1. Advertising

You can advertise your business, services and products for FREE when you have a website. You can achieve this through landing pages, information pages, blog posts and media on your website. The aforementioned can then be shared on your social media channels. Remember, your website is your digital billboard, book or poster waiting to be seen and read by online users.

2. Credibility

A  stunning website gives your business credibility as potential customers learn more about your business online. Providing more information through your ‘about us’ and customer feedback sections will also give your customers confidence to use your services and products ahead of a business which doesn’t have an online presence. Furthermore, a branded email address also adds credibility and customer confidence; domain@ instead of an @hotmail or @btinternet email address.

3. Customer Engagement

Through email, information pages, comments and contact details, you will be able to interact with customers easier. You can also link to all of your social media channels from your website. Doing so means you can be contacted any time and from anywhere in the world.

4. Local search

Your website will help you become more visible in search results on Google. These search results will help customers find your physical address (shop or unit) if you have one, and help users find your products or services in local search results.

Once you do decide to get a website, you can add your url to a local search platform like Google My Business, which will help people find you. Learn more about how you can optimise your website for local search here.

5. Learning from Customers

You can integrate your website with analytics tools such as Google Analytics. These analytics will give you an insight of the visitors to your website. You can view statistics like visitor count, demographics (location, age and gender), and which pages are popular. This information can help you to improve your customer journey and streamline your business processes.