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Benefits of a WordPress Website

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create websites, blogs, and other digital platforms to showcase just about anything.

In terms of popularity, WordPress is the no.1 website builder and content management system on the planet.

Some very high-profile brands and organisations use the WordPress platform including; Sony Music, The White House, The Rolling Stones, Dallas Mavericks, 007, Life+Times by JAY-Z, Katy Perry, and web design by SO.

There are many content management systems and web development solutions out there, but why do we (web design by SO) choose WordPress as our go-to website platform for creating websites for clients?

Here are some standout benefits of why we use WordPress:

1. Customisable: From features on the website to branding colour changes, WordPress makes it simple and flexible to make changes.
2. User-friendly: Easy-to-use interface for managing content (blog/news/portfolio).
3. SEO friendly: Built-in features and plugins to improve search engine ranking results.
4. Responsive Design: Automatically adjusts to different screen sizes. Perfect for mobile viewing.
5. Fast build time: Prebuild functionality allows a quicker time to get a website up and running rather than build a website from scratch.
6. Scalability: As your business expands so can your WordPress website – adding more pages and features easily.
7. Affordability: From one-page websites to multi-page websites, a WordPress website solution is great for individuals or small businesses.

If these benefits stand out to you and your business, why not get in touch today and we can help create your next digital project using a WordPress website?

Once you have a WordPress set up and live, what will you be using it for?


Easy to use blog/news platform for you and your team to showcase your latest achievements, updates, and information. Find out here why we think a blog should be a huge part of your marketing strategy.


Highlighting your work on your website is a great way of attracting more attention to your website. A WordPress website is so simple to update galleries/portfolios with your finished projects, creations, and products. A WordPress portfolio website is great for Photographers, Artists, Tradespersons, Architects, and Designers who want to showcase their latest work.

Online Shop

WordPress allows you to add a shop functionality to your website. Each eCommerce store is fully customisable and in most cases can be added to an existing WordPress website. This is a great feature to think about if you are thinking of selling products online in the future.

The best thing about having a WordPress website is the fact that you are not limited to just one of the features mentioned above. You can have a website that provides all your service information as well as a gallery/portfolio, and furthermore, acts as a news feed via a blog.

We hope this quick introduction to WordPress will help you make your next choice on designing and creating a new website for you and your business.

As always, we are just a phone call or WhatsApp message away if you need more information about your next website project.